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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the Capitol Music Club accessible for people with mobility issues?
A: Unfortunately the Capitol Music Club does not have wheelchair access. If you, your friend or family member are in a wheelchair or have limited mobility issues please contact us at with the subject line “Mobility Issues". Our friendly staff and ownership group is more than happy to accommodate any special needs, including wheelchairs.

Q. Does the Capitol Music Club have gender-neutral restrooms?
A. Yes, both of our restrooms are gender-neutral.

Q: Where can I find parking?
A: There is metered parking available on most of the streets in the downtown area including directly in front of the venue on 1st Avenue. Please be sure to read all signs carefully so you do not get a ticket.

Q: What time do people start to line up?
A: Unfortunately there is no answer to this question as it varies from event to event and depends on the feelings of the individual ticket buyers. All entry is first come first served so the earlier the better to ensure enough time if there is a line up. If you would like to line up before the doors open, we ask that you do it no more than an hour in advance.

Q: How early can I get into the venue?
A:The earliest time you will be allowed into the venue is when the doors open, which is the time that is printed on your ticket and/or posted online (varies from event to event). Please watch our social media pages for more information.

Q: Do I need identification to enter the venue?
A: Yes – unless otherwise stated as an All Ages event shows are 19+ and you must be able to present a valid photo government ID for entry.

Photograph identification must be presented upon request; any of the following are acceptable:
1) Saskatchewan Registries Operator’s Licence
2) Saskatchewan Registries Identification Card (This non-driver’s identification is available through private registry offices)
3) Passport
4) Armed Forces Identification Card
5) Out-of-Province Photo Operator’s Licence
6) Certificate of Indian Status
7) Immigrant Authorization
8) Permanent Resident Card

In the event the required photographic identification appears not to be genuine, then a second piece of identification from the following list will be requested:
1) Birth Certificate
2) Citizenship Certificate
3) Baptismal Certificate
4) Foreign Government Visa
5) Fire Arms Certificate.

Q: Do you have a dress code?
A: Shirts, shoes, and pants (skirts or shorts) must be worn at all times. Offensive attire, including (but not limited to) hate symbols, gang, criminal organizations, hate group related attire/colours, or culturally appropriative attire, is not welcome at the Capitol Music Club. Such attire may be grounds for removal from our venues and events and may result in a permanent ban from our venues and events.

Q: What are stamps for?
A: Proof of entry. Proof that drinking age has been verified – the Capitol Music Club reserves the right to ask for ID at any time. Stamps allow patrons in and out privileges when re-entry is allowed (19+ only).

Q: Do you have a coat check?
A: Yes we do. The coat check for the Capitol Music Club shows is located at the back of the venue, up the stairs and next to the restrooms (turn right after clearing security). Our coat check is only open seasonally (or on nights with particularly bad weather). If the coat check is closed please ask anyone of our friendly staff for assistance.

Coat Check Rules:
Coat Check is self-serve and on a first-come basis.
Any items left at the end of the night will be locked up until the next operating day.
Any abuse of staff and/or other patrons will not be tolerated.

Please DO NOT check valuables as the venue cannot be held responsible for any lost or stolen items.

Q:  Is there seating?
A: The Capitol Music Club is a general admission venue and has primarily standing room. There are however limited tables available as well as seating along the side of the room for those wanting to sit down or have a quieter area away from the main stage area. If you anticipate requiring assistance due to mobility issues please contact us in advance at with the subject line “Mobility Issues”.

Q: Can I eat at the venue/is there food?
A: No outside food or drink is permitted. The Capitol Music Club offers a full menu 7 days a week. Reservations are not required but are highly suggested prior to a Capitol Music Club event. For reservations please email

Q: What time does the artist start/what time does the artist finish?
A: The set times (when each artist plays) varies from day to day and event to event, we will post all event information once it has been confirmed on the event link on our Facebook Page. It should be noted that all set times are approximate and subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances but all efforts will be on schedule more often than it will not be.

Q: Can I take pictures?
A: Pictures are permitted with cell phones and point and shoot cameras only. SLR body cameras (cameras w/ removable lens), iPads, and video recorders are not permitted without proper permission granted directly by the promoters and/or artists directly, press passes may be required.

Please be courteous of other patrons and especially the performers and mind your camera flash.

Q: I’ve lost or misplaced a belonging at an event, who do I contact?
A: Please contact our staff will do their best to locate your belongings.

Q: I am an artist and would like to play at the Capitol Music Club, who do I contact in regards to bookings?
A: Please contact with as much information as possible. Due to the high volume of inquiries we often ignore emails with just a one sentence inquiry, or a music link. Typically we book all artists approximately 3 months in advance.

Q: I’m looking to host a private event, corporate event or wedding, who do I contact?
A: Please contact

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